Louise Crookenden Johnson

Radio Interview went well

Thanks for all your lovely feedback on my radio interview with BBC Radio Northampton’s Tim Wheeler last night at 7.15pm

You’ll find a link to the interview here. Despite the nerves I loved chatting to Tim and managed to say everything I had planned to touch on.

I talked about my incredibly talented dad who was a painter and illustrator, Rodney Ingram. I’ll let people know that I can do bespoke personalised pieces, pottery days when Covid allows, that I like to use local suppliers and that I use sustainable packaging.

My memory played me up in the 80s pop quiz but 4 out of 6 is better than I expected, quite honestly!

This weekend I plan to take photos of all those things you’ve been seeing on Instagram and Facebook as previews, and make sure they’re available to purchase.

I also have a terrific commission immortalising a favourite Christmas decoration for a family in Wales. So I’m looking forward to getting to that one.

Rainbow bird and Rainbow Robin

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