Pet portraits of all kinds of creatures

You may have seen some of my Christmas pet portrait commissions on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, I post them on there where I can. Obviously, I can’t pop anything onto social media if it’s a gift, or surprise. Don’t want to give away any secrets or spoil an occasion!

All kinds of dogs and cats are depicted and such a range of super names!

Here is one thrilled fellow that headed off to the US. The little cutie was a cross between a poodle and a bichon frisé, A ball of fluff.

Making these little pet portraits or memorials is piecing together snapshots and finding a character all at the same time. I look at the photos that people send me, work out which side is the best side to show off, then work out what kind of brushstrokes will bring about the textures and colours of their coat or fur ( or fins) there are, with any materials, boundaries and limitations, this is the same with majolica glazing, carefully painting just the right amount of professional ceramic colour onto the surface of the dry, powdery glaze is a judgement call. If you get it wrong, there are problems in the kiln, and the piece is ruined.

Thankfully as I’ve got better and better at judging this it doesn’t happen often. But look out for my second sale at the end of February!…..

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