Picture of Louise CJ and Instagram Lives

Instagram Lives from the pottery

Have you caught one of my Saturday morning lives on IG? I have been getting into the swing of sharing some of my products in Instagram lives from the pottery. How weird is that moment just before you press go live. I nearly always want to stop myself, but something makes me press the button anyway!

Part of the fun for me in Instagram Lives from the pottery is the chance to get immediate feedback from you in the comments about my products. Thanks if you have waved, sent me lovely encouragement hearts or commented along. It is so wonderful in the moment. I’ve also been completely overwhelmed by the number of people going over to Instagram to have a look afterwards too, incredible.

Thank you to all the online market organisers who have helped creatives like me to consider how to do Instagram Lives. For example the wonderful Nicky @Pedddle. If you haven’t found Pedddle yet head over and visit. It’s like a dating app for makers and artisan markets. It lets you find wonderful events and makers in your area too. You’ll see more of me in May as I #goliveinMay check out the hastag.

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