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Christmas Pet baubles- Tree decor

Find these cute tree decorations in my Etsy store, perfect to reflect your furry friends smiley character or as a memorial for a beloved pet. Great Christmas Tree gifts for friends and family, only £18 each. Each stroke is paints hand painted in ceramic colours then fired in the kiln. Modelled on photos customers provide,…

Christmas Home Decor – make it handmade

Customers and saying to me that Christmas feels close this year. Gift buying and preparing Christmas home decor and decorations is really important. Covid has made us more aware of our home, and we are getting prepared in case of another lockdown. So, to help get ready I have released new Christmas designs earlier than…

pottery experiences for 2021

So glad to be able to publish the pottery experience dates for 2021 I’ve put a lot of thought into how these can run safely, and you can look at the dates and work out when you’d like to come, either contact me on the contact form or contact me from my facebook or instagram…

Long tailed tits

I caught a glimpse of a couple of long tailed tits near one of the feeders in the garden on Sunday. It had feathers in it’s beak, maybe it will build one of its architecturally wonderful spherical nests nearby?  I’ll keep you updated…………

Fishy fish

Here are some of the swimming fish groups that I am trying out. I took the first sample one to an event in February and as I took it out of the box the lovely lady on the stand behind me bought it!. Makes are fab people! Here are some minnow-esque chaps.

Two cat portraits

Kitty cat pals immortalised. Here are two of very many pusscat and dog portraits that I have undertaken. It’s a lovely thing to do to be able to capture a little bit of animal magic so owners have a pottery ornament as a reminder of their fave pet. This owner is coming to one of…

Little pinch bowls

A few weeks back I threw lots of little pinch bowls, now I’m working on designs that allow me to paint a successful design on such a little curved surface. So far Bees, Cats, Flowers, Chicks, Bunnies and this Star. Self isolation, inspiration.

Childhood Budgies

My Grandma was a good age, 102 when she passed away a few years ago. My brother and I spend holidays with her while my parents were at work. She had a pair of bright green budgie wall plaques on her wall. I can remember being fascinated by them. When she dies they were one…

Life in the Pottery

As the weather is warming up, I should be looking forward to meeting the new potters who come through my doors, lots of folk have been inspired to have a go at ‘throwing’ on the potters wheel this year. Its sad that with the Covid-19 outbreak some of these Pottery Days are likely to be…

Loving Pottery Days

There have been so many wonderful people through the pottery this year, I have absolutely loved seeing new potters have a whale of a time and some smitten by the clay.  The day sessions are best of all when there is enough warmth in the air to get the thrown pots drying that day, so…
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