The base is in place

The concrete base for the new workshop has been laid and I can start to image the new space

Air raid shelter

Opposite the new workshop we have an air raid shelter. Currently exposed we are creating a new garden area to complement it, here is the work so far with the concrete shelter hiding behind some steel gabions filled with reclaimed stone

Follow the build on instagram

I’m posting regular pictures of progress on my Instagram account, keep in touch with progress there…

Getting the base right

Dick and Johnny the builders just getting the groundworks in for the new workshop

It has begun….

Old workshop in the process of dismantling, the blue cube in the foreground is the ‘new to me’ Stanton Kiln, it wont be long before I can fire it up.

Birds on the wire

My task this week. More birds like these. Blackbirds and Gull just sold at my showcase. Alfred East Gallery

Weather’s looking up

Looking forward to painting and drying pots outside. Can’t believe I’ve planned the right pottery days for this week. Memories of last summer…..

Being taught by your children

Today was my first tutorial in creating mesmerising videos. Social media, a mystery without the help of my children


I’ve been thinking for a while but I must revisit my sea themed pots so here is my new Sprat salt pot, I love the combination of silvery grey and sky blue against the white majolica. Very satisfying
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