Plastering and electrics

This is where the potters wheel will go. Starting to see how the room will function.

New workshop making progress

The new workshop is coming on now, it has been great fun sourcing recycled windows, sink, doors and thinking how the space will work.

Happy in a new home

This dinosaur nestling with new friends in a new home with Jenny

Away goes the old shed

and finally the old shed is carried away to a new home, making way for the new pottery

A roof

The workshop roof arrived on Saturday morning, excitement is mounting 馃檪

Daisy- still managing to work without a pottery!

This is Daisy, was commissioned as Birthday gift, and her owner loves her. She is a beautiful grey and white slinky cat, with her name on the base. I had this wonderful message from the person who commissioned her, “Pride of place in XXX house in the Cotswolds! She loved it”

Interior floor is complete

The concrete inside the workshop floor is now complete, it will have a self levelling top which will hide the current surface. Just need some walls now!
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